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Estimates Feature Details

Customizable Estimates to showcase your distinctive toward your client.

Create or Select Items on the Fly

With Estimate, you can create new items or select from a list of pre-defined items on the fly, making it easy to customize estimates for your clients.

Custom Tax and Discount Rates

Need to apply a specific tax or discount rate to an estimate? No problem! Estimate allows you to create and define custom tax and discount rates, so you can get the calculations just right.

Additional Section to Add Details

Estimate includes an additional section where you can include any additional details that are relevant to your estimate. This can be particularly useful for providing more information about the scope of work or any special considerations.

Custom Fields

This feature allows you to include any extra details or information that may be relevant to your business, giving you the flexibility to create Estimates that perfectly meet your needs.

Auto Convert Estimate to Invoice on Approval

Once your estimate has been approved, Estimate can automatically convert it to an invoice, saving you time and effort. This feature is especially useful for businesses that want to automate their invoicing process.

And Many More Powerful features of Invoice Crowd ​ ​

GST enabled Invoices
Automatically calculate taxes
Estimates for both product and service
Complete Estimate History
Easily Print Estimates