Privacy Policy

What we refer to by Privacy Policy is the use of Invoice Crowd service located at the website and Invoice Crowd applications. It, however, does not cover any third party sites that are linked to Invoice Crowd or any arrangement you might have with a business that is registered on Invoice Crowd.

For clarity of the terms in use, “We” “Us” or “Our” refers to Invoice Crowd. The other terms such as “You” “Your” or “User” refer to any Invoice Crowd user. By the term personal information, we are referring to the information you provide us that is distinctively yours, and usually personal in nature. Information such as your phone number, email address and name will be asked of you. We will clearly point out the best practices and procedures required in relation to the use of your personal information.

Data processed

Here are some of the information that might be required of you at one point or the other:

When using the website:

When logged into the website:


The personal information listed above is not a pre-requisite to using our platform. You can decide not to share your personal information when accessing our website, however, the information will be required when trying to use our features.
In summary, you can browse our platform at will anonymously, but to create an account, you must share your personal information.

Why data is processed

Data Breach Notification Protocol

In the unlikely event of a data breach, we will promptly notify users via email detailing the nature of the breach, the data affected, and measures to secure their accounts.

Data Backup and Restoration

Our platform regularly backs up user data. In case of data loss, we will strive to restore the most recent backup, but restoration is not guaranteed.

We are operating within the tenets of the law given:

What we do with your data collected

Your personal information within our storage is accessed once received. If you avail third party account credentials, note that some of that information transmitted to your third party account might remain with us too if you authorize such transmissions. That way they will be covered under the privacy policy.
If we are to ever use your information in a different manner from what we are bound to as policy to collect if for, we normally ask for prior permission. The information we collect is used for the following purposes:

Your data is protected

Our privacy policies and practices are proportional to the information assets under our protection and within the capability of our business. In as much as our security investments are commensurate to international standards and practices, we must warn users of the inherent nature of vulnerabilities posed by the internet, in that spirit we cannot guarantee that there will be complete security on all information under the transmission. By visiting our website you are in full understanding and agreement of our position in regard to the security of private information. You also give us consent to collect, register, use or share that private information.

Storage of data

The storage period – For as long as you remain a registered user of our service, your personal information is stored with us. Beyond that relationship, we only store the data as it is required by law.

Deletion – Data can only be deleted if you remove your consent to the storage, the data is no longer required to use our service, deletion does not affect stored data, deletion is in accordance with the law and is necessary to adhere to latest technological developments.

A safety measure – To safeguard unauthorized access to secure data. Measures employed are encrypting the transmission, backup, encrypted storage, and employing safety measures for the compliance of technological questions,

User rights

Revocation of consent – At any time you see fit, you can revoke the processing of your data at any moment.

Right of access – Obtain confirmation as to the origin of the data being processed. Specific information points about this data, the purpose for which it is being processed, what category it lies, potential recipients and duration for which the data is stored.

A right to rectify – You have the right to rectify inaccurate data. If we process inaccurate data about you, you must rectify this without unnecessary delay.

Right to erase – If you do not want us to process data, send requests via email or our postal address and we shall erase your data promptly and inform you about the same.

Right to portable data – You can make a request for the data in a structured, machine-readable format and transmit it to another controller.

Right to object – At any time you can object to the processing of your data.

Right to make a complaint – You have a right to register your complaint with an appropriate supervisory authority.


The cookies we send to your computer are to identify the browser and improve the service quality. If you opt to disable cookies, some areas of Invoice Crowd may not function accurately. Cookies can be disabled by putting in the right settings into the browser software. For instance, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Internat Explorer are the best software.