Dynamic Payment Options with Invoice Crowd

In the versatile business landscape, flexibility in payment methods is paramount. With Invoice Crowd’s Split and Partial Payment options, you can cater to the unique financial circumstances of each client, ensuring transactions are seamless and accommodating.

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Unlock the Future of Payments

Navigate the complexities of varied payment needs. Whether it’s breaking down an invoice into structured amounts or offering freedom to your customers in payment size, we have the solutions.

Structured Payment Plans with Split Payments

Define the invoice amount breakdown and set individual due dates for each payment segment, ideal for phased deliverables or longer-term contracts.

Customizable Due Dates for Split Payments

Schedule precise payment dates for each split, facilitating transparent financial planning for both businesses and clients.

Minimum Amount Setting for Partial Payments

Set a base commitment amount, ensuring there’s an initial investment from your customers.

Customer-led Amounts in Partial Payments

Offer payment flexibility by allowing your clients to decide how much they wish to pay after meeting the minimum threshold.

Real-time Invoice Updates

As payments are made, invoices are automatically adjusted, reflecting accurate records of remaining amounts and registered payment dates.

Empowering Businesses and Customers Alike

Our Split and Partial Payment features aren’t just about facilitating transactions; they’re about fostering relationships, trust, and mutual respect between businesses and their clientele.

More Features of Split/Partial Payments

Did You Know?

Merchants using Invoice Crowd’s payment links experience a 40% boost in conversions, thanks to the streamlined and user-friendly transaction process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you have the flexibility to choose and modify the payment method as per the evolving needs of the transaction.
For each split, the system automatically sends reminders to clients a few days before the set due date, ensuring they’re informed and prepared.
The system records the extra amount and updates the invoice accordingly, reducing the outstanding balance.
With Invoice Crowd, we offer flexibility, allowing you to define the number of splits as per the specific needs of the transaction.