Transform Your Sales Approach with Packages

Invoice Crowd introduces a new way to enhance your sales and invoicing process. Our Packages feature allows you to list your services and products, making business transactions smoother and more customer-friendly.

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Direct Selling Meets Modern Technology

Gone are the days of waiting for checks or bank transfers. With Invoice Crowd’s Payment Links, you can swiftly complete transactions and bolster your sales strategy.

Streamlined Packages Creation

Crafting a payment link is as intuitive as creating an invoice. Designed for specific products or services, these links encapsulate the essence of seamless billing.

Shareable Across All Platforms

Ensure that your clientele always has a direct channel to transact, be it through your website, social media, or emails.

Secure Transactions with Email OTP

Embrace the rigorous security protocols of Invoice Crowd. Transactions are safeguarded using OTP verification via email.

Customer Profile Generation

First-time customers enjoy a smooth experience, with their details remembered for faster future checkouts after email verification.

Choice of Multiple Payment Gateways

Offer your clients a variety of familiar payment options, ensuring frictionless transactions.

Revolutionizing Digital Transactions

By embracing Invoice Crowd’s Payment Links, you’re equipping your business with a tool that not only simplifies payments but also broadens your customer outreach.

More Features of Payment Links

Did You Know?

Merchants using Invoice Crowd’s payment links experience a 40% boost in conversions, thanks to the streamlined and user-friendly transaction process.

Frequently Asked Questions

With Invoice Crowd, it’s straightforward. Select your product or service, determine the price, and generate the link in a few clicks.
Absolutely! Ensure it aligns with your brand for a consistent customer experience.
The system recognizes the transaction, verifies the customer, generates an invoice, and informs you simultaneously.
Safety is our utmost priority. Every transaction is protected with OTP verification and our robust security infrastructure.