Working from home – how to organize it?

You have created the conditions for working from home and you are happy at the very thought of the first working day in the comfort of your own home. Here are some helpful tips on how to make working from home even better:

Adjust the home office for better working from home

There is a big difference between an office and a desk in the living room. Also, there are no colleagues whose help is sometimes needed in solving certain tasks. In general, the organizational structure characteristic of working in a company is missing, so self-discipline is a key characteristic that you must pay attention while working from home.

If you have a room that you can turn into a study, be sure to do so. Even at home, the work is good to do in a space that is adapted to doing the job and somewhat reminiscent of an office. If you do not have a room for something like that, create a ‘business’ corner in the living room. It’s a place you’ll always work, not on the couch in front of the TV.

Business routine for uninterruptible working from home

At work you have a specific working time and break time. While working from home it doesn’t exist – you can work whenever you want and take a break whenever you want. A good habit of working from home is to organize working hours according to office principles. Let your work day from home always start at the same time. Also organize breaks every day at about the same time, to create a sense of routine and work atmosphere. This will help you in self-discipline.

Set home office / working from home rules

Email – You get the most productivity when you check your mail two or three times a day, instead of every few minutes.

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Work plan – daily and weekly work plan will help you organize and make it easier to set priorities, which is especially important for working from home.

Optimal number of working hours – if you plan to work eight hours a day, you can divide the work by working four hours in the morning and four hours in the evening. Introduce the usual time for work, which you will adjust to your family obligations. This means you will probably want to work when children are in kindergarten or school or on weekends early in the morning, when they are still asleep.

Family – with good organization, working from home gives you the opportunity to spend more quality time with your family. Don’t skip lunch or dinner for work, which is also important because of family moments together. Organize your work so that it does not interfere with your family activity, but vice versa – your family members must know when it is your time to work and not disturb you.

More tips and tricks for working from home

Set personal goals

If you work from home, you have to push yourself to some things, not to “stray” your thoughts. Determine how long you will be doing something, how long you will have a break, and complete the tasks you set.

Be present

It is difficult to maintain distance communication, so check all communication channels regularly. Or, simply, keep the notifications set so that they emit a sound and pop up like a pop up, so you don’t miss anything.

Wear shoes

So it feels like you’ve gone to work and for those who need a constant reminder, it will be extremely helpful.

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Take your time and take a walk, it’s good for clearing the mind, but it’s also good for health.

The workplace should be well lit

While working you do not need dim lights, but a lot of light, preferably daylight. This will help maintain work energy at the desired height, reduce eye strain and allow for better focus on business tasks.

Use programs that make the workflow easier

Even if you only work temporarily remotely, you need to manage work processes well and respect deadlines and communicate well with colleagues (who also work from home). To do this, use platforms that allow you to use calendars, reminders, and similar programs that you can access wherever you are.

When working from home, no housework

There are a million chores you could do while you’re at home – finally replace a light bulb in the hallway, rearrange clothes in the closet, throw junk out of the shed. But you won’t, because you’re at work. If you erase the boundaries between business and homework during working hours, you will quickly find yourself in a chaotic situation in which you will catch business deadlines. Leave changing bulbs and attaching shelves for free time.

Breathe in fresh air, exercise if possible

Take a break from work from home – get some fresh air and get some exercise to boost circulation. Run, exercise, jump … you will enjoy
exercise, and it is also key to reducing stress. Without the presence of colleagues with whom we can take a break from work, walking or cycling are ideal ways to refresh the mind and body. It is a good idea to end the work day with exercise – after exercise, your free time begins.

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Dress the way you would dress for work

At home, you could sit at a computer in a tracksuit or in underpants and a T-shirt, who’s defending you? But too casual clothing encourages the feeling that we are simply at home, without any obligations, and not working from home. You don’t have to wear a strict suit or business suit or high heels, but it is recommended to wear casual business clothes and even shoes. This will make you feel more business-like and more focused on business tasks.

Combine difficult and relatively easy tasks

If you already find it difficult to focus on more difficult tasks, and you have a job in front of you that you have been putting off for a while, so now you just have to do it, try to concentrate as best you can. When you see that you are not doing hard work, stop it and solve the simpler ones, which take you 30 to 60 minutes. When you have two or three successfully completed tasks behind you, it will be easier to concentrate on the more difficult one.

Don’t try to predict in advance how successful you will be

The state of mind at the time you take a job greatly affects productivity. If you feel anxious or vulnerable, or have concluded in advance that you will not be able to do what awaits you, it will significantly affect your concentration. Be persistent. Sometimes it could take 15 to 30 minutes to really ‘get into’ the work that needs to be done, and sometimes after about 30 minutes you will conclude that you are doing, well – great. It’s a bit like when you can’t go for a run, or a workout at the gym, and then when you do get started, you feel great in just a few minutes.

Starting working from home – based business can seem like a great move. But if in the first few weeks you notice that you are less productive at home than at work, just follow our suggestions on how to fix it.


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